Grant Shapps

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    Video caption: 'Frustrating we can't talk about big issues of today' - Shapps

    Grants Shapps is asked if he is defending something that "in your heart of hearts you know isn't defensible".

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    Video caption: Transport Secretary Grant Shapps lays out new Covid travel rules

    Transport secretary says current Covid testing system has "outlived its usefulness".

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    Video caption: Shapps: No PCR needed for asymptomatic Covid cases

    Grant Shapps says the government is confident that lateral flow tests are accurate enough.

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    Video caption: Transport Secretary Grant Shapps: No new Covid variant cases in UK

    Transport Secretary Grant Shapps says that there are no new variant cases in the UK yet.

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    Video caption: HS2: Shapps on rail services in Midlands and northern England

    The transport secretary announces a rail plan saying it will help eight out of 10 of northern England’s busiest train services.