Chris Leslie

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    Video caption: Chris Leslie: 'We must fight for those who signed petition'

    Chris Leslie from The Independent Group calls for the revoke Article 50 petition to be debated in the Commons.

  2. Brexit delay: How did your MP vote?

    Gavin Bevis

    BBC News

    MPs last night voted to ask the EU to delay Brexit beyond the current 29 March departure date.

    The government motion passed by 413 to 202 with backing from East Midlands MPs Sir Patrick McLoughlin, Sir Alan Duncan, Anna Soubry, John Mann, Dennis Skinner, Ruth George, Nicky Morgan, Ken Clarke, Alberto Costa, Edward Argar, Chris Leslie, Lilian Greenwood, Margaret Beckett, Toby Perkins and Keith Vaz.

    House of Commons vote

    MPs from our region who voted against the motion included Nigel Mills, Andrew Bridgen, Heather Wheeler, Mark Spencer, Pauline Latham, Maggie Throup, Ben Bradley, Lee Rowley and Robert Jenrick.

    You can check how your MP voted on this page.

  3. Did your MP vote to rule out no-deal Brexit?

    Gavin Bevis

    BBC News

    It was another dramatic night in the House of Commons last night as MPs voted to reject a no-deal Brexit under any circumstances.

    East Midlands MPs voting in favour of ruling it out included Dennis Skinner, Liz Kendall, Anna Soubry, Ruth George, Chris Williamson, Margaret Beckett, Keith Vaz, Chris Leslie, Lilian Greenwood and Ken Clarke.

    Brexit vote

    MPs from our region who voted against the motion included Patrick McLoughlin, Nicky Morgan, Sir Alan Duncan, Edward Argar, Nigel Mills, Andrew Bridgen, Pauline Latham, Maggie Throup, Ben Bradley, Robert Jenrick, Mark Spencer and Lee Rowley.

    You can see how your MP voted on this page.

    Tonight MPs will regroup to vote on whether to ask the EU for permission to delay Brexit.

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    Video caption: Brexit: Chris Leslie critical of Labour over referendum

    A Labour MP says no-one can explain why his party is not backing calls for a new EU referendum, with one option being to remain in the EU.

  5. Caroline Flint and Chris Leslie on the EEA

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    Video caption: Sarah Smith spoke to Labour MPs Caroline Flint and Chris Leslie.
  6. MP outlines plan to help 'drug-ridden' jail

    Calum McKenzie

    BBC News

    An MP is calling for offenders, who he believes consistently return to jail to deal drugs, to be sent to different prisons.

    Chris Leslie

    Chris Leslie, MP for Nottingham East, believes it would go some way to tackling a drug problem in the city's prison.

    Mr Leslie's comments come on the day of the publication of a damning report which described the institution as "drug-ridden" and "dangerous".

    He said: "People leave the prison, sometimes they deliberately re-offend, they will secrete upon their person drugs or even mobile phones and bring them back in.

    "That is a cycle that we could break if we randomise which prisons people go back to."

    Justice Minister Rory Stewart said there had been a number of improvements at the jail including new violence and drug reduction strategies.

    Nottingham Prison sign
  7. Brexit debate: Leslie v Villiers

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    Video caption: EU Withdrawal Bill: Labour's Leslie and Conservative Villiers