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    Video caption: Tilda Swinton on how social media can be 'toxic' for all generations

    Tilda Swinton, who acts in The Dead Don't Die with Bill Murray, reacts to co-star Selena Gomez's comments that social media has been "terrible" for her generation.

  2. Julia Michaels addresses anxiety on new Selena Gomez collab

    Beats 1

    Julia Michaels and Selena Gomez

    The US singer has been telling Beats 1 about her new inadvertent "female empowerment" song, Anxiety.

    We can't bring the song to you here due to the (many) swear words contained within but Julia told 1 DJ Zane Lowe how the hook-up with Selena - who been quite open about her struggles with mental health - came about.

    "I was like, 'I think it would be really awesome to have a song with two women on it, that struggled with the same thing, that are talking about something other than two women fighting for a guy's attention.'"

    Selena agreed.

    Watch below.

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  3. Selena Gomez: 'I'm proud of the person I'm becoming'

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    The US pop star announced in September that she was taking a break from social media, in order to "step back and live my life."

    Now after nearly four months away she's back online and apparently on fine form.

    She posted the above images, alongside the caption: "It’s been a while since you have heard from me, but I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and to thank you for your love and support.

    "Last year was definitely a year of self-reflection, challenges and growth."

    Quote Message: Trust me, it’s not easy, but I am proud of the person I am becoming and look forward to the year ahead. Love you all.

    Last year her best friend and kidney donor Francia Raisa revealed Selena "could have died" in 2017 when she had a transplant operation.

    Her last album, Revival, came out in 2015.

  4. Selena Gomez no longer the most followed Instagram star

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    Apparently 144.3M followers just doesn't cut it anymore.

    The US singer announced last month she's actually taking another break from social media - pointing to "negative comments".

    Since taking her eyes off the screen she's now been narrowly dethroned by Portuguese footy star Cristiano Ronaldo, who is closer to the 144.4M mark.

    Ariana Grande is the third most followed Instagram user, followed by Kim Kardashian-West.

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  5. Miley Cyrus defends Selena Gomez over 'ugly' slur

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    The renowned Italian fashion designer Stefano Gabbana (as in Dolce and Gabbana) was hit with a backlash this week after leaving a nasty comment on the above Instagram picture gallery of the US singer.

    Gabbana wrote, "È proprio bruta!!!", which translates as; "She's really ugly" on the image posted by The Catwalk Italia.

    Her old Disney pal Miley responded by posting the below throwback picture of the two hugging on one of her fan sites, alongside some pretty harsh words for the Italian.

    Fans responded by using the hashtag #saysorrytoselena

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