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  1. G4S flogs its cash-handling business in £727m deal

    G4S van

    Security group G4S has sold a majority of its cash-handling business in a £727m deal.

    The takeover will move 25,000 employees around the world to the Brink Company, G4S said.

    In August, G4S announced it would demerge the cash machine and armoured vans business after an internal review.

    However, the board later decided the sale to Brink was a "superior" alternative.

  2. Norway's wealth fund blacklists G4S shares over ethical worries

    G4S armoured van

    Norway's sovereign wealth fund will no longer invest in security services firm G4S over concerns that the firm contributes to, or is responsible for, human rights violations.

    The decision to blacklist the London-listed firm's stock was based on an assessment of the company's operations in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, where migrant workers pay recruitment fees to join the company, according to the £857bn fund's ethics watchdog.

    "When the workers arrive in the Gulf, they must spend a significant part of their salary to pay off this debt, and therefore have little chance of leaving. Many also received far lower wages than agreed, and in the Emirates, the workers got their passport confiscated," it said.

    The security firm will join a list of 156 companies blacklisted by the fund, including those that produce tobacco and nuclear weapons or derive more than 30% of their revenues from coal.

    G4S told the BBC that the announcement had taken it by surprise and it was working on a response.

  3. G4S gears up to sell armoured van network

    G4S armoured van

    Security contracting firm G4S could be set to sell off its network of cash machines and armoured vans.

    The firm said its board had approved plans to separate that part of its business from its main security operations, which makes up more than 80% of its business.

    Nevertheless, the cash machine and money transport unit employees 30,000 staff.

    G4S said it would evaluate offers for its cash arm as it continues to separate the unit from from its main security business, which it expects to have completed by the middle of next year at a cost of £50m.

  4. Labour calls for scrapping of private probation contracts

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    Video caption: Private monitoring of offenders is "flawed"