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Ryanair in a spin with Lufthansa over Laudamotion

Niki Lauda
Getty Images

Remember Niki Lauda, the Former 1 racing driver?

He founded an airline called Laudamotion and Ireland's Ryanair has just won approval from the EU Commission to acquire 75% of the group.

However, Germany Lufthansa airline is getting in the way.

Ryanair, which already owns 24.9% of Laudamotion, claims that Lufthansa wants to remove nine aircraft that it was obliged by the EU to deliver to Laudamotion after the German airline bought Air Berlin.

Ryanair's chief legal and regulatory officer Juliusz Komorek, says: "We urge the EU competition authorities to take action and prevent any further attempts by Lufthansa to damage competition through its anti-consumer behaviour."

Norwegian soars on Lufthansa interest

Joe Miller

Business reporter

Lufthansa pilot
Getty Images

Shares in low cost airline Norwegian have risen by more than 10% this morning, and that's because investors are relishing the prospect of a bidding war for the firm.

British Airways owner IAG has already expressed interest in the Scandinavian success story, and now it seems Germany's Lufthansa is in the running too.

CEO Carsten Spohr told the Süddeutsche Zeitung that a "wave of consolidation" in the industry was imminent, and that he was in contact with Norwegian, which would complement Lufthansa's own low cost carrier, Eurowings.

Systems failure at Frankfurt Airport

Lufthansa aeroplanes at Frankfurt Airport
Getty Images

A systems failure at Frankfurt Airport today has led to the grounding of 23 Lufthansa flights, affecting 2,600 passengers.

Lufthansa said the system failure lasted for eight hours, and flight crews were required to use radios or telephones to state their position.

Although all systems are now up and running, there remains a backlog of delayed flights.

Harry Hohmeister, Member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG and responsible for hub management told the BBC: "The system failure at Fraport had a massive impact on our customers, which we regret very much. I expect Fraport Management to get things up and running again.”

Lufthansa reports 'best profits in its history'

Lufthansa airlines
Getty Images

German airline giant Lufthansa has reported record profits for 2017 - its net profits rose 33.1% to it €2.36bn, beating analyst expectations.

Total revenues for the Lufthansa Group in 2017 amounted to €35.6 billion, a 12.4% increase on the previous year.

"We have achieved the best result in the history of our company," said Carsten Spohr, Chairman of the Executive Board and chief executive of Lufthansa.

“Last year we were able to reduce costs again, while at the same time becoming the first – and the only – airline in Europe to be awarded a five-star rating. We are lowering our costs where this does not affect the customer, and are simultaneously further investing in our product and service quality.”