South Lakeland District Council

There has been a boundary change in South Lakeland. Although there are no more or less seats, these ones have never been contested before.

To work out change, our experts have analysed previous results to say who the seats would have belonged to in other elections.

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Election 2018 Results

Party Elected in 2018 Total councillors Change

PartyLiberal Democrat

Elected in 2018 29 Total councillors 29 Change-3


Elected in 2018 19 Total councillors 19 Change+2


Elected in 2018 3 Total councillors 3 Change+1
Councillors change compared with 2016

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'Single council' move sparks spat between politicians

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Ellis Butcher

One of Cumbria's MPs has sparked a sharp exchange over whether the county should have one or two large "all-purpose" councils, rather than a county and six district authorities.

The county council, which is run by Labour councillors with Liberal Democrat support, has called for a single local authority, but the Lib Dem MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale MP Tim Farron (pictured right) has criticised the idea, saying decisions should be taken locally.

But Conservative councillor Tom Harvey retorted that he was being hypocritical, because his opposition to Brexit meant he supported more decisions being taken in Brussels.

Tom Harvey and Time Farron

People want the key decisions that affect them to be made by people in their local area - not 50 miles up the road in Carlisle,"

Tim FarronLiberal Democrat MP, Westmorland and Lonsdale

Claiming that long-overdue reform of local government in Cumbria will take decision-making further away from South Lakeland while at the same time doing everything in his power to block Brexit and keep control over our border, money and laws in Brussels is rank hypocrisy."

Tom HarveyDeputy Conservative leader, South Lakeland District Council.

Council homes in on target to bring on 1,000 houses

South Lakeland Council says it is almost half-way to a target of 1,000 "affordable" rented homes by 2025.

Building site

In 2014, the authority set out a plan to develop more housing in most of the district's communities, and today it announced 460 were completed, mainly for housing associations, by the end of last year.

Debate delayed on Kendal riverside 'common land'

A public consultation on what happens next to the land between New Road and the River Kent in Kendal, which was an unofficial car park for decades and how now been grassed over, has been delayed.

South Lakeland Council officials said today they would wait for a decision on an application from a member of the public to lay a tarmacadam surface.

New Road grassed over

It is the latest twist in a long-running controversy since parking was banned on the area because of a consultant's report to South Lakeland council questioning its safety.

Hundreds of people protested against the loss of the last free long-term parking in Kendal town centre, but when a parish poll was held last May, that supported the idea of it being public open space instead.

Because the area is technically common land, the proposal to surface it must go to the national Planning Inspectorate, and today officials said they would await a decision before starting its own public consultation, probably later this year.

Planners call time on pub closed for five years

A rundown village pub which has been shut for six years can be flattened and replaced with houses, council planners have ruled.

Copper Dog pub

The Copper Dog on Hard Knotts Lane, Leece, had closed in mid-2013 after a brief re-opening but had struggled since 2008, a meeting was told.

Alan Grove of Leece Homes Ltd applied to South Lakeland District Council for permission to build four modern detached homes on the site.

Councillor Andrew Butcher, of Ulverston, said he had seen the pub go "down, down and steadily down. It is in a state of decline now and it's only going to get worse".

South Lakeland shops 'buck national trend'

The proportion of empty shops in South Lakeland is half the national average and falling further, according to the latest regular six-monthly check.

Lake Road, Bowness

The North West average is for a town to have 15% of shop units empty, but few of South Lakeland's retail centres approached that.

Lake District communities like Bowness (pictured above) were slightly up on the summer, but were still all below 10%, with Windermere clocking its lowest vacancy rate since 2015, at 3.3%.

the figures, gathered by South Lakeland council staff show Kendal dropping to 9.5%, its lowest since March 2015.

Cabbies to be trained in spotting children at risk

Taxi drivers in South Lakeland are going to be required to attend courses in spotting children who may be at risk of sexual exploitation.

Typical course in progress

The courses started this week, and make drivers aware of the sort of behaviour that might show a child is vulnerable or at risk of exploitation.

Sean Hall from the council said: "They act as the eyes and ears of the district and can play a valuable role in alerting the authorities about vulnerable people needing help."

In March last year more than 300 taxi drivers from Carlisle received the same training.

This training has given us the reassurance that it’s ok for us to get in touch with the police to report any concerns we have."

Taxi driver after training

Why South Lakeland council no longer needs all its HQ

We asked South Lakeland council for comparative staffing figures to illustrate why it is now planning to let out about half the floor space of the offices which opened in the mid 1990s.

The oldest available figures, in 2005, show that 400 people worked in South Lakeland House, at the back of Kendal Town Hall, a figure that did not include workers based in depots such as the refuse collection base at Canal Head, or other outer departments such as the Windermere lake wardens.

By 2020, the council will employ around 375 staff in all, with an estimated 200 based in South Lakeland House, half the number 15 years before..

Kendal Town Hall

Lakes council to downsize offices in £4.9m Town Hall rejig

Martin Lewes


South Lakeland Council has announced plans to let out about half of its main office block in the middle of Kendal, moving its own reception back into the adjacent Town Hall.

The South Lakeland House reception, on the ground floor, and the top floor of the 1990s office block, will be let out to local businesses to help meet a shortage of office space in the town.

Artist's impression of new reception

The cost of renovating the existing offices, which have leaks, re-jigging the accommodation, and creating a new reception area (artist's impression) in the rooms that were once a tourist information centre, is put at £4.9m.

Reports going before a council cabinet meeting next week say the rents from new office tenants, and savings because the council will be using far less space, mean the capital will be repaid over the next 25 years and the council will save £450,000 over ten years.

The authority has reduced its staffing significantly since the offices were built, with housing outsourced to an association based elsewhere and other services cut back, and is currently seeking efficiencies that will take out more than 40 jobs.

Survey finds 20% don't know who to call for help on lake

Local Democracy Reporting Service

One in five people who use Windermere would not know who to contact in an emergency on England's longest lake, a survey has found.

Windermere from air
Getty Images

Of those who had needed help in the past four years, 78% described the rescue and recovery service as "excellent".

The figures were in a new Lake Windermere Services User survey, carried out every four years, with the latest attracting 274 responses.

The findings were discussed at a meeting of South Lakeland District Council's lake administration committee and Councillor Mark Wilson said even 20% not knowing, given the thousands who used the lake, left him "very concerned".