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Climate Change – The Facts in 4 minutes

Sir David Attenborough outlines the science of climate change and the challenge it poses.
2018 was one of the hottest years on record.  Looking at the science of climate change Sir David Attenborough outlines the challenge it poses for all of us.

Bodypaint tribute to Sir David Attenborough during lockdown

Devvon Wilsher-Day painted in tribute to Sir David Attenborough
Devvon Wilsher-Day

A woman who is a fan of the BBC Three programme Glow Up has been inspired to paint herself in tribute to her icon Sir David Attenborough.

Devvon Wilsher-Day, 23, created the look after chatting with friends about the show.

"We were sharing ideas and this week it was icons so I wanted to represent that," she said.

The brand manager from Weston-super-Mare said she has had some great comments on her Instagram account after posting the picture.

"I've only been doing this since lockdown," she said.

"I've done a few pictures now where I sit in front of a mirror and paint back to front...each one takes about six or seven hours," she said.

"It's so much fun and it's a whole side of make-up I didn't know existed."

Devvon Wilsher-Day
Devvon Wilsher-Day
Devvon Wilsher-Day - Tangled
Devvon Wilsher-Day
Sir David Attenborough: 'Now is the moment'
The broadcaster and naturalist says the Glasgow climate summit later this year is "extremely important".