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    Video caption: Coronavirus: 'Phased approach' to reopening each school

    A personalised experience will prepare pupils for September, said the government.

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    Video caption: Coronavirus: How will the reopening of Welsh schools work?

    Parents who choose not to send their children to school when they reopen will not be fined.

  3. 'We need reassurance that it's safe to reopen'

    Bob Dale

    BBC Live reporter

    Some headteachers and teaching union leaders in Sussex say they are sceptical about the government's plans to try and reopen schools by 1 June.

    The Prime Minister said the reopening would be phased, starting with reception classes and moving upwards, with class sizes limited to 15.

    But the head of a Brighton infant school told BBC Radio Sussex that would be a problem in itself.

    Quote Message: I would have two-thirds of my school back in and I would have to make sure that they could be taught in those proposed bubbles. I don't think I have enough space" from Hildi Mitchell Headteacher, Downs Infant School
    Hildi MitchellHeadteacher, Downs Infant School

    Another primary head said he's concerned that more evidence is needed that it is safe before schools can reopen.

    Quote Message: We really do need reassurance that it will be safe to go back by June the 1st, or parents will vote with their feet and not bring their children to school" from David Etherton Headteacher, St Nicholas and St Mary Primary School, Shoreham
    David EthertonHeadteacher, St Nicholas and St Mary Primary School, Shoreham

    The government has said that parents who don't bring their children back to school won't be fined.

    The country's biggest education union says that despite most teachers wanting to get back to work, there should be more thought over the 1 June target.

    Quote Message: It's not so much about children catching the virus themselves, it's about them spreading it, and the government has not shown that they don't spread it". from Phil Clarke East Sussex branch secretary, National Education Union
    Phil ClarkeEast Sussex branch secretary, National Education Union