Drug resistance

  1. Antibiotic resistance threat to be tackled by Oxford University

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    Video caption: Many see resistance to antibiotics as one of the biggest threats to global health

    Many see antibiotic resistance as one of the biggest threats to global health which causes up to 1.5 million deaths a year worldwide.

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    Video caption: Interactive games are being used to help combat superbugs

    The interactive consoles at Southampton General Hospital encourage good hygiene to reduce the use of antibiotics.

  3. Rivers around the world contain dangerous levels of antibiotics

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    Video caption: A new study has found the highest levels in Kenya, Ghana and Bangladesh
  4. By Conor Macauley

    BBC NI Agriculture & Environment Correspondent

    Petri dish with bacteria

    It aims to tackle the problem of antimicrobial resistance, where superbugs become immune to the drugs.

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    Video caption: Prof Paul Workman says 'long-term management' could help cure cancers
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    Video caption: Malawi's antibiotics crisis: Why the drugs don't work for some

    In Malawi, doctors say resistance to antibiotics is making their work increasingly difficult.