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  1. S2 Damon Gough: 'Every day should be Mental Health Awareness Day'

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    Video caption: Elis and John speak musician Badly Drawn Boy about his struggles with alcoholism.

    Elis and John talk to musician Damon Gough AKA Badly Drawn Boy, about how he copes with his mental health issues and alcoholism.

  2. Women inspired to set up support services resource

    Two women who were inspired to set up a support service during the coronavirus pandemic say they want it be the country's "most comprehensive and exhaustive resource".

    Verity Hart, 44, and Louise Welsby, 43, from Bridgnorth, Shropshire, created After the Storm to provide a directory of help and support for a range of mental health issues.

    The idea was inspired by Mrs Hart's own struggles, including helping a family member through addiction and coping with the loss of both her parents.

    While going through those experiences she said she was struck by a lack of help.

    Verity Hart

    The pair wanted to create "one space" to connect people to services as well as it being a "platform to share stories".

    Mrs Welsby said: "There is light at the end of the tunnel, a big light, but the Covid impact on society... we have a generation of young people that if we don't provide enough spirit and sense of hope, there's a real lost generation, we have to really look after them.

    Louise Welsby

    "Secondary school ages are impacted the worse, they don't know what the future is, the employment landscape is decimated, they don't have the resilience you learn through adult life."

    Mrs Welsby added: "Hope can be in pretty short supply, but I hope this is a place that can deliver."

    The platform, which goes live on Monday, will list charities, public services and private practitioners.