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Kamil Ahmad's family say case 'lays bare' NHS crisis

The family of murder victim Kamil Ahmad, who was violently killed by racist schizophrenic, Jeffrey Barry, say the NHS system "crisis" led to his death.

A new report, by Bristol's Safeguarding Adults Board, published today, has said the murder "could have been avoided" if communication had been better between agencies.

Mr Ahmad's family lawyer, Tony Murphy, said the authorities "had no plan" to protect Kamil.

Kamil's family lawyer Tony Murphy said the authorities "had no plan" to protect Kamil

NI education 'is in crisis'

NI Children's Commissioner report finds there are systemic failings
Northern Ireland's Commissioner for Children and Young People says there are systemic failings in how educational underachievement, poverty and mental health issues are dealt with. Koulla Yiasouma tells Good Morning Ulster's Karen Patterson how her inaugural report has found that many issues predate the collapse of the NI Executive.
ASMR YouTube star Emma Whispers Red talks 'tingle videos'
Emma Whispers Red makes ASMR videos - which allegedly cause some people to feel "brain orgasms".