Ruth Davidson

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    Video caption: Forgetting Salmond briefing 'beyond belief'

    The Tories say Nicola Sturgeon's version of how she remembers hearing about allegations against Alex Salmond stretch belief.

  2. Conservatives accuse FM of failing to cooperate with inquiry into harassment claims


    Scottish Conservative group leader Ruth Davidson says in January 2019 Ms Sturgeon said the inquiry "will be able to request whatever material they want and I undertake today that we will provide whatever material they request".

    Ms Davidson adds: "The inquiry has requested material, the government has rejected it. What has made the first minister break her word?"

    Ms Sturgeon says she takes the inquiry and its matters "very seriously".

    She adds: "I don't think that is an accurate characterisation of the position."

    Ms Sturgeon says only "legal reasons" have prevented material being provided to the inquiry.

    The first minister adds that she will give oral evidence when she is called to do so.