Transgender people

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    Video caption: LGBT domestic violence: 'He held me under hot water'

    Charities supporting LGBT victims of domestic abuse say this has been their busiest year on record.

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    Video caption: Here are some of the new politicians voted into office after the 2020 US election.

    From transgender State Senator Sarah McBride to 25-year-old Madison Cawthorn - here are some of the new faces making history in US politics.

  3. CBS/AP: Delaware elects first transgender state senator

    Delaware has just elected the first openly transgender state senator in US history, according to CBS, the BBC's US broadcast partner, and AP.

    Sarah McBride will also become the highest-ranking transgender elected official ever to serve in America.

    McBride, who worked as an intern in the Obama administration, currently holds the seat representing Delaware's first district, a Democratic area.

    She's been an outspoken advocate for LGBT rights, previously serving as the national press secretary of the Human Rights Campaign advocacy group.

    According to the LGBTQ Victory Fund, there are four openly transgender people currently serving in state legislatures.

    Fund president Annise Parker said McBride's victory "gives hope to countless trans people looking toward a brighter future".

    "Her victory will inspire more trans people to follow in her footsteps and run for public office."

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    Video caption: 'Transphobic bullies nearly cost me my life'

    Tyler, who came out as transgender when he was 15, attempted to commit suicide after bullies teased him about his new identity.

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    Video caption: Transphobic hate crime reports have quadrupled over the past five years in the UK

    Two people whose lives were changed by transphobic attacks say they wouldn’t go to the police again.

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    Video caption: Crispin Blunt criticises government trans rights stance

    Conservative MP Crispin Blunt has criticised the government's decision to not allow trans people to self-identify.

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    Video caption: GRA: De Cordova and Truss on care for trans people

    Marsha De Cordova criticised the government for not making changes to the Gender Recognition Act.

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    Video caption: The Gender Recognition Act and trans rights

    What is the GRA, has anything actually changed, and what might be next for trans rights?