East Lothian Council

Boundary changes have occurred here. 2012 seats are an estimate of what the result would have been then if the new boundaries had been in place.

Election 2017 Results

Party Seats 2012 Seats 2017 Change


Seats 20128 Seats 20179 Change+1


Seats 20123 Seats 20177 Change+4


Seats 20129 Seats 20176 Change−3


Seats 20122 Seats 2017- Change−2
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Latest Updates

  1. East Lothian Council 'disappointed' at move to level three

    Levels poster

    East Lothian Council says it is "disappointed" the area is moving back into Covid protection level three from Friday.

    Depute Leader Norman Hampshire said: "It is very disappointing news for the residents and businesses of East Lothian but sadly understandable due to the high infection rates in the county.''

    He added: ''In recent weeks East Lothian has gone from the lowest transmission rates in the Lothians to one of the highest and placing the county into level three aims to tackle and reduce further infection rates.”

    He is urging locals not to lower their guard and continue to follow the advice to help prevent the spread of infection.

Scotland Independence Referendum 2014

East Lothian votes NO
NOVotes 44,28361.72%
YESVotes 27,46738.28%


Turnout 87.62%

Rejected ballots 48