Social isolation

  1. Episode One: Retreat

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    Video caption: Thomas Dixon explores the surprising history of being alone.

    Thomas Dixon discovers how even the most extreme forms of voluntary solitude were often surprisingly social.

  2. Episode Three: Locked Down

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    Video caption: Thomas Dixon explores the surprising history of being alone.

    The historian of emotions, Thomas Dixon, explores the surprising history of being alone and what happens when naturally sociable humans are forced into isolation.

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    Video caption: Loneliness: Colchester minister offers 'Walk with the Rev'

    A minister is offering walks with people of all ages to help those who are struggling in lockdown.

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    Video caption: Mental health issues rise during Wales lockdown

    Pontypool residents have faced increased stress, often over money, as a result of the pandemic.

  5. An Astronaut's Guide to Isolation

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    Video caption: Brian Cox and Robin Ince are joined by 4 amazing space explorers in an astronaut special

    Brian Cox and Robin Ince are joined by astronauts Helen Sharman, Chris Hadfield, Nicole Stott and Apollo 9's Rusty Schweickart to talk isolation and the future of space travel.

  6. Cancer therapists start lockdown 'kindness calls'

    Cancer support workers and therapists unable to see patients face to face are making "kindness calls" to offer help and provide contact.

    They cannot work from their Trinity Holistic Centre base in Middlesbrough during the coronavirus lockdown.

    But volunteer Maxine Nicholson said it is "absolutely essential" the service continues.

    Maxine NIcholson

    She added that they don't want to furlough staff, despite losing all their usual income, because "some of the patients might suffer emotionally" without the new service.

    Therese Milner from Stockton, who is in remission from lymphoma, said it was "nice to know that someone else is checking up on you".

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    Video caption: Weather presenter goes viral drumming to BBC News theme

    Owain Wyn Evans finishes his weather forecast by playing along to the BBC News theme tune.

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    Video caption: Coronavirus: What's it like being a teenager during lockdown?

    As the UK continues its coronavirus measures, three teens share their experiences of life in lockdown.