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    Video caption: Coronavirus: Young people are 'the easiest to blame'

    Young people in Nottingham explain how they feel about the new restrictions after a rise in coronavirus cases.

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    Video caption: US election 2020: What young Democrats think of Joe Biden

    He's half a century older than them, but it's his moderate politics that worries these young voters.

  3. Millennials and the quarter-life crisis

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    Video caption: Millennials in Moscow, Cairo, New-Your and London about what it's like to become an adult

    Millennials in Moscow, Cairo, New-Your and London about what it's like to become an adult.

  4. OK, Boomer!

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    Video caption: The generation gap has never felt wider. Rhys Jones asks if we have seen this before.

    The gulf between young and old has never seemed wider. But have we seen this before? Historian Rhys Jones explores how generational conflict has unfolded through the ages.

  5. What young India wants

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    Video caption: Are young Indians' rising aspirations being met with equal opportunities?
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    Video caption: Tabata Amaral: Congresswoman dubbed 'Brazil's AOC'

    A video of her grilling the education minister went viral, but Tabata Amaral has a bigger war to wage.

  7. How big is the business of the big, fat Indian wedding?

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    Video caption: What goes on behind the scenes of India's multi-billion-dollar wedding industry?
  8. Northern millennials do better than their parents

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    BBC Radio 4

    Young person at estate agents window

    Most people hope their children will grow up to be better off than they are. For millennials - the generation born between 1981 and 1996 - that's not always the case.

    According to the Resolution Foundation, it rather depends on where you live.

    Its latest report says real (inflation-adjusted) pay for young adults in London, south eastern England and the East Midlands has declined versus the previous generation, while north eastern England is a bright spot.

    "There's really good news on generational progress in the north east... and that is narrowing the gap between the North East and the South East and London," says the Resolution Foundation's Laura Gardiner.

    "But that is not the case everywhere. As an area of concern we’d look at the West Midlands where those kinds of gaps are not being narrowed and there's very little generational progress."

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    Video caption: Inside the selfie factory for influencers

    A pop-up shop in west London lets people fill their social media pages with colourful selfies.

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    Video caption: Loteria: A centuries-old game remade for millennials

    Lotería, a game that's been played across Latin America for centuries, was given a humorous update by designer Mike Alfaro.

  11. The rise of ‘happiness coaches’

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    Video caption: Some employers are now fighting workplace stress and anxiety with unconventional ideas.
  12. By George Bangham

    Resolution Foundation

    Three women shopping

    Where you live and when you were born play a big part in how much of the UK's wealth you are likely to own.

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