Steve Backshall & Helen Glover on Winter Hill

Steve Backshall and Helen Glover walk with Clare Balding on Winter Hill in Berkshire.
Steve Backshall and Helen Glover walk with Clare Balding on Winter Hill in Berkshire.

Throughout this series of Ramblings Clare Balding is exploring how walking affects our well-being.  She is hiking with people of differing beliefs and none to discover how the simple act of being in the natural world can change how we feel. Today, she’s climbing Winter Hill in Berkshire with the Olympic rower Helen Glover and her husband, the wildlife broadcaster and adventurer, Steve Backshall.  They spend their working and waking lives outside and know more than most how joyful and beneficial this can be.  They had their first child, Logan, in 2018 and are expecting again very soon.  They discuss how important they feel it is to raise children with a love of the outdoors, and all the benefits that brings.

Producer: Karen Gregor
Scafell Pike summit celebration planned for Christmas Day
Jay Mistry is inviting people who might be alone to join him on a hike to the summit of Scafell Pike.

Jarvis Cocker's Edale

Jarvis Cocker’s love affair with Edale and Kinder Scout.
On a wet and windy summer's day Jarvis Cocker takes you to the remote village of Edale and Kinder a landscape he has fallen in love with. He first came across the Peak District while he was a pupil in his native Sheffield and came out on a school trip which he says no–one wanted to go on. However, after two days of exploring he says something happened – something clicked in his head and he didn’t want to admit it but he started to enjoy the landscape. Over the last 40 years it’s a region he has regularly visited and explored and is now truly hooked. 

To introduce more people to this landscape especially people from the cities, Jarvis along with artist Jeremy Deller and the National Trust who own Kinder Scout has created a trail ‘Be Kinder’. The trail winds its way along a route stretching almost two miles from the tiny railway station in Edale to the foot of the plateau of Kinder Scout to mark the 1932 mass trespass on Kinder Scout. This mass trespass was all about allowing working class people access to the countryside something Jarvis wants to rekindle as he wants everyone to discover the magic and beauty he has found in this landscape.
The presenter is Jarvis Cocker and the producer is Perminder Khatkar.
Contributors: Jeremy Deller, actress Maxine Peake, Gordon Miller and MEP Magid Magid.