David Duckenfield retrial

David Duckenfield retrial coverage

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'Real pain' for Hillsborough families is that 'no-one is culpable'

The "real pain" for the families of Hillsborough is that 30 years on "no-one is culpable" for the disaster, says a member of the Hillsborough Independent Panel.

Prof Phil Scraton
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Prof Phil Scraton said "lessons must be learnt".

"The whole purpose of the justice system is that it is fair and it is just and most importantly it is speedy".

He said one of the main issues with the case was that so many people involved on the day of the disaster had died.

"I don't know to this day why the Crown Prosecution Service or the DPP didn't consider there was sufficient evidence to pursue a case against a range of people and institutions at the time."

'We've not been allowed to grieve,' says victim's sister

The sister of one of the Hillsborough victims said David Duckenfield's trial had come "decades too late".

Brian Matthews
Hillsborough Inquests

"If we would have had a criminal trial 30 years ago it would have been put to bed by now," said Debbie Matthews, whose brother Brian was one of the 96 who died.

"We've not been allowed to grieve."

Legal system 'not a level playing field', says North West mayors

In a joint statement, Merseyside Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram and Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham said the British legal system was "not a level playing field for ordinary people".

Former culture secretary Andy Burnham was instrumental in setting up the panel that produced the report into the Hillsborough disaster.

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Margaret Aspinall reacts to Duckenfield trial verdict
Margaret Aspinall, whose son James died at Hillsborough, is "really angry" at the not guilty verdict.

David Duckenfield 'threatened during trial'

Hillsborough match commander David Duckenfield and his wife were threatened with physical violence during his trial, it can now be reported.

David Duckenfield

Judge Sir Peter Openshaw said Mr Duckenfield had been the subject of "persistent personal abuse" in the media and social media which was "ill-informed, insulting and even vicious".

He said: "Over and above that he, and his wife, have been threatened with personal violence.

"After the [original April] trial, he received an anonymous threat sent by mail to his home address (with a local postmark) causing further real concern that someone who wished him ill knew where he lived."

Sir Peter ordered the retrial of to go ahead "despite the hardship that might result to the defendant".

Police officers were seen outside the court as Mr Duckenfield arrived and left court every day.

Lancashire Police did not confirm the number of officers deployed but said the force was responsible for a "security and reassurance operation" around the court.

Listen to David Duckenfield's 2015 Hillsborough apology

David Duckenfield previously admitted his failure to close a tunnel caused the 96 deaths at Hillsborough.

The match commander made his admission while being cross-examined at the new inquests in March 2015, when he also apologised to the victims' families.

At his retrial at Preston Crown Court, Mr Duckenfield was found not guilty of the gross negligence manslaughter of 95 fans in the 1989 disaster.

The Hillsborough match commander apologised to the families