Sian Berry

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    Video caption: Green Party conference: Bartley and Berry speech

    The co-leaders of the Green Party of England and Wales give ave a joint virtual conference speech to members

  2. Berry: 'Get Brexit done was a lie'

    Sian Berry

    The co-leader of the Green Party has accused the Tories of lying over their policy on Brexit.

    She says: "They've just shouted out 'get Brexit done', that's their job now.

    "But that was a lie. We will go into a transition period with an 11-month deadline to get a trade deal agreed by all of the EU, let alone others around the world."

    Ms Berry adds: "Brexit is going to be really, really hard for this country.

    "Those of us in opposition will still have work to do and let's hope we work together."

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    Video caption: Green Party unveils plan for Universal Basic Income by 2025

    Sian Berry says there were "no strings attached" and higher earners would pay more in tax than they receive.

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    Video caption: Green Party campaign launch: 'Some things are even bigger than Brexit'

    The Green Party of England and Wales launches its campaign, labelling this the "climate election".

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    Video caption: Green Party co-leader Sian Berry: 'This must be the climate election'

    The Greens co-leader says "some things are even bigger than Brexit" at her party's campaign launch.

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    Video caption: European elections 2019: 'This is not a victory for Nigel Farage'

    Green Party co-leader Sian Berry said her party was not just standing on a single issue in the European elections.

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    Video caption: #BBCAskThis: Joanna Gosling speaks to Ashley Fox

    During the European Parliamentary elections campaign the main UK parties will be interviewed on the BBC News Channel.

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    Video caption: #BBCAskThis: Ben Brown speaks to Sian Berry

    The Green Party co-leader answers questions sent in by BBC News viewers ahead of the European Parliamentary elections.

  9. Climate Change: 'Possible to lower UK carbon emissions in 10 years'

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    Video caption: Andrew Marr spoke to the Co-Leader of the Green Party Sian Berry AM