Tulsi Gabbard

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    Video caption: Democratic debate: Kool Aid, Clorox and the best one-liners

    From well-rehearsed zingers to off-the-cuff comebacks, the debate answers that provoked a reaction.

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    Video caption: Democratic debate: Biden dodges question on deportations under Obama

    The former vice-president came under attack for his record on immigration when in the White House.

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    Video caption: Warren at Democratic debate: 'I'm ready to get in this fight'

    Challenged by more moderate contenders, Senator Elizabeth Warren questioned what motivates their bids.

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    Video caption: Bernie Sanders at Democratic debate: 'I wrote the damn bill'

    When challenged on the details of his healthcare plan, Medicare for All, the Vermont senator shot back.

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    Video caption: Democrats clash over policy, history and food

    There were tense exchanges - and moments of agreement - on the debate stage in Miami.

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    Video caption: US election 2020: The biggest moments in Democratic debate

    There were policy disagreements, interruptions and some unexpected lines on the debate stage in Miami.