'There's no atheist in the impact zone'

The believers honouring lost surfers at sea
Mikhail Thompson is a South African surfer and mentor who has administered a number of 'paddle-out' ceremonies during his lifetime. 

A paddle-out is a way of honouring someone who’s had a love for the ocean where surfers circle together in the ocean and float beyond the breakwater. 

It always mean one thing - that another surfer has died. 

He describes the profoundly spiritual experience of surfing waves, and how losing someone from the close-knit surfer community leaves a void. 

(Photo credit: BBC)

Helier Cheung

BBC News, Washington DC

How coming-of-age rituals were interrupted - and reinvented - amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Cathedral to reopen for private prayer from 3 July

Ely Nave
Ely Cathedral

After its doors were closed on 19 March, another cathedral is preparing to reopen for private prayer.

Ely Cathedral said the initial plans are to let parishioners in from Wednesday to Saturday from 3 July, between 11.00 and 14:00, with Sundays put aside for the clergy to live-stream services.

Staff will be on hand and to guide worshippers through hand sanitiser stations, social distancing and limits on numbers.

The cafe, shop, stained glass museum and toilets will be shut.

The Very Reverend Mark Bonney, Dean of Ely, said: "The preparation for this to be safe is going to be different for every building, and the safety of all is paramount."

Peterborough Cathedral reopened for private prayer yesterday.

Bournemouth pastor involved in viral 'UK Blessing' video

A church in Bournemouth's one of 65 churches represented in a viral worship video.
'UK Blessing' has almost 3 million views on YouTube alone - featuring 65 churches across the UK and one in Bournemouth.

The song raises awareness for the work many of churches are doing to support people throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tim Hughes, who curated the video, and Jamie Matthews from Love Church Bournemouth say it's beautiful to see so many diverse churches involved.

"Going to church, we learned about the meaning of justice"

How has Christianity guided some protesters in Hong Kong?
Nineteen-year-old Isaac Cheng was beaten up for taking part in last year's Hong Kong protests. But for him, a Christian upbringing meant there was no option but to be involved.

Some of his equally religious family, however, are pro-Beijing. How does he account for the different viewpoints within his family?