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    Video caption: Zimbabwe: Harare's empty streets on the day of protest

    Zimbabwe was largely shut down on the day meant for demonstrations against corruption and economic hardships.

  2. Harare mayor to appear in court on corruption charges

    Shingai Nyoka

    BBC News, Harare

    The mayor of Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, is expected to appear in court on Thursday on corruption charges.

    Herbert Gomba was arrested on Monday, the latest in a string of arrests of city council officials accused to illegally parcelling out land in the capital.

    He is expected to be charged with abuse of office.

    He has not commented on the allegations.

    His party, the opposition Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC), objected to the manner of his arrest, saying he was not informed of the reason.

    More than a dozen officials were reportedly suspended from the MDC-run city council to pave way for investigations into the alleged fraud.

    Police officers, including an assistant commissioner, and a public prosecutor have also been charged for allegedly receiving land to quash investigation.

    Some of the officials are alleged to have illegally sold various pieces of land and prejudiced the council of close to $1,150,000 (£900,000).

    The residents’ associations have called for an independent audit into the affairs of the Harare City Council alleging long-standing rot.

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    Video caption: Zimbabwe protests: Police disperse opposition rally

    Several people are injured as police use batons and tear gas to disperse demonstrators.

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    Video caption: Mugabe 'wasn't offered anything' to resign

    A resignation mediator says he can't confirm reports that Zimbabwe's ex-leader was given $10m (£7.5m).

  5. What do Zimbabweans want?

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    Video caption: Locals in Harare consider what they want for their country now Mugabe has resigned

    Locals in Harare consider what they want for their country now Mugabe has resigned

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    Video caption: Zimbabwe's Mugabe resigns: 'I can't believe he's gone, we're so happy'

    Zimbabweans have gathered on the streets to celebrate Robert Mugabe stepping down as president.

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    Video caption: Zimbabwe: Dancing breaks out as Mugabe resigns

    There were scenes of celebration on the streets of the capital, Harare.