1. BreakingTrump projected to win Ohio and Idaho


    Two more projections in now. Ohio and Idaho are both predicted to go to Donald Trump.

    Ohio, the Buckeye State, was a major election battleground - it has backed the winner of nearly every presidential race over the last 200 years, including Trump in 2016.

    There was no surprise with Idaho, with its four electoral college votes - the state has backed Republican candidates in the last 13 presidential races.

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    Video caption: Idaho police chief: Refugee stabbing victims fled violence at home

    A man has been charged for killing a three-year-old birthday girl and injuring eight others in Idaho.

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  4. BreakingLatest projected results - two states for Clinton, one for Trump

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    ABC News projects the following:

    For Clinton:

    California, which was once a solid red state voting Republican from 1968-88, has voted Democrat since 1992.

    Hawaii is a solidly 'blue' state, which has only voted Republican twice since it became part of the United States in 1959.

    For Trump:

    Idaho is a Republican stronghold. In 2012 Mitt Romney won it by a vast 32-point margin.

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