Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking items fetch £1.8m at auction

Stephen Hawking died in March aged 76

Some of Stephen Hawking's personal items, including a signed copy of his 1965 PhD thesis, have raised more than £1.8m ($2.35m) at auction.

A total of 22 items owned by the Cambridge physicist, who died in March, were auctioned by Christie's.

The copy of his thesis titled Properties of Expanding Universes - one of only five - was sold for £584,750.

An early wheelchair raised £296,750 for charity and a script for his appearance on The Simpsons sold for £6,250.

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Stephen Hawking's daughter on his final work

Lucy Hawking on losing her father and on the big questions his new book asks.
Lucy Hawking speaks to the BBC's Luke Jones about losing her father earlier this year and his new book which she has helped finish.