Superfast broadband firm given rescue plan deadline

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The company awarded the publicly-subsidised contract to deliver superfast broadband to thousands of rural homes in Devon and Somerset has been given a deadline to come up with a rescue plan for the programme.

Last September, Gigaclear admitted the project was facing significant delays and was two years behind schedule.

Connecting Devon and Somerset, the organisation in charge of the whole project, stopped paying Gigaclear nine months ago.

It has told the firm it must come up with acceptable plans by the end of July to fulfill the contract.

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Firm 'losing £15k' over 'ridiculous' internet speed

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A business owner in Birmingham says it's "ridiculous" he's wasting money because of an internet connection "worse than rural Shropshire".

Outside of Smith FranciS Tools Ltd building in Digbeth

Andrew Smith is managing director of Smith Francis Tools in Digbeth and has blamed BT Openreach for not upgrading its local service to faster fibre broadband.

He's estimated his firm wastes £15,000 every year because the base and the West Bromwich office can't communicate efficiently and end up duplicating work.

BT Openreach says it's working to improve broadband speeds in Birmingham and promised to "take a closer look" at Mr Smith's area of Digbeth.