1. JT fined £40k for 'margin squeeze' over wholesale services

    Andrew Segal

    BBC News Online

    JT breached its licence condition for 13 months when it restricted rivals in their ability to compete, a regulator has said.

    The Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority (JCRA) found JT "engaged in a margin squeeze, to the detriment of its competitors and consumers" during the period ending in February.

    It said that "throughout that period, JT priced its wholesale services to other telecoms providers at such a level that these companies were restricted in their ability to compete with JT, limiting consumer choice and value".

    It added that was imposing a £40,000 fine "based on the amount of revenue JT earned from its broadband services during the relevant period".

    JT website

    JT said the decision "comes as a disappointment", but that bosses "fully accept JCRA’s conclusion".

    It added that it would be "working with JCRA to ensure our processes are reviewed, to prevent any repeat".