Charity helping hard-to-reach communities

Ayshea Buksh

BBC London reporter

Across London many volunteer groups have been helping those hard-to-reach communities.

Volunteers help Nepali Gurkha community in Greenwich
Volunteers help Nepali Gurkha community in Greenwich

In Greenwich, south east London, there is a strong Nepali community made up mostly of Gurkha veterans and their families.

Some are illiterate and living in poverty. They were part of the British Army and have long been fighting for pension equality.

They have lost several people to Covid-19.

With community centres closed and activities and classes suspended, they are feeling isolated.


A group called Skills and Care Greenwich led by Sonia and Fatta Thapa visits their homes to give them food and medication.

The also translate much of the public health guidance and are explaining it to them in person.

Sonia says: "They feel scared, alone and isolated. They manage with very little, living on rice and daal. Somehow they are managing.

"We are Gurkha, we are used to hardship. We are armed forces so will fight through this.

"They are so positive you never see them struggling they always have a smile on their face."

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