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  1. Rising number of university teaching complaints

    Students in Yorkshire have been complaining about the value of their university courses after the majority went online, a student officer has said.

    University students

    Jian Feng, International Student Officer at the University of Leeds, said officers at other universities had come together to petition the government to compensate students.

    He said the impact had left many students very unhappy.

    "The government has not taken enough responsibility and kept pointing out that the universities should decide by themselves whether or not they want to offer any refunds," he said.

    "It is disappointing to see the government is not doing enough to support our generation of young people in higher education."

    The government said the Office for Students was monitoring online teaching to ensure the quality of tuition remained high and it was working to protect the education and wellbeing of all students.

    In a joint statement, the universities of York, Leeds and Sheffield, said: "It's been a challenging year for all our students and we know the pandemic has impacted their experience in many different ways, but we've all adapted and invested in the online experience and seen some truly impressive innovations"

  2. 'Groundbreaking' cancer research to start in Sheffield

    A dedicated centre for research into mesothelioma, a form of lung cancer, is being launched at the University of Sheffield.

    Asbestos sign

    The UK has the highest incidence of mesothelioma in the world, with 2,700 new cases of the disease - caused in most cases by exposure to asbestos - diagnosed each year.

    The new dedicated centre will be the first of its kind in the country and is being paid for by a national charity, according to the University of Sheffield.

    Professor Angela Mary Tod, from the university's Health Sciences School, said: "Finding an effective treatment or a cure for the terrible disease is obviously the main priority for researchers and clinicians worldwide.

    "But here in Sheffield we are uniquely focused on patients’ experiences in order to drastically improve the support and care they receive.

    "Our groundbreaking work will help to establish the gaps in existing knowledge and also help to identify future research priorities."

  3. Face-to-face teaching resumes at university

    Face-to-face teaching is restarting from today at a Sheffield university after it was suspended because of the coronavirus pandemic.

    The University of Sheffield

    In-person teaching was paused in response to an increase in Covid-19 cases at the university earlier this month.

    Teaching face-to-face is now restarting again alongside virtual lectures with a "low risk of transmission within teaching spaces", the university said.

    It said: "We have worked hard to provide elements of on-campus teaching for our students where it adds most value to their education and will be putting additional risk mitigations in place and reducing the volume of this when we resume our blended learning on Monday 19 October."

    It added that it had been "deemed appropriate" by Sheffield City Council and the local public health team.

    It said: "We recognise the value of on-campus teaching on both learning and wellbeing, students have told us how much it benefits them and we have been assured by public health teams there is a low risk of transmission within teaching spaces as our own data also supports."

  4. More than 1,000 Covid cases at University of Sheffield

    Over 1,000 students and staff have tested positive for coronavirus at the University of Sheffield since the start of term, it's been confirmed.

    Student with face covering at University of Sheffield

    Figures published on the day Tier 2 restrictions were brought in across South Yorkshire show 1,007 students and 12 staff have contracted the virus.

    Meanwhile, 784 students at Sheffield Hallam University had tested positive as of 11 October.

    Despite the rising number of infections, face-to-face teaching at the University of Sheffield, which is currently suspended, is due to resume from Monday.

    The university, which has about 29,000 students, has said the safety of staff and students is its "top priority".

    It has taken steps to protect the health of staff and students, including reducing the number of people on campus, introducing one-way systems and regular cleaning of frequently used areas.

  5. 'Send Stella' - Isolating students in beer request

    Hundreds of students in Sheffield are self-isolating because of a rising number of coronavirus cases at universities in the city.

    Sign in Forge student accomodation at Sheffield Hallam University

    The University of Sheffield has halted face-to-face teaching after recording almost 600 cases since 28 September.

    Meanwhile Sheffield Hallam University says it's has had 373 cases reported to it since 21 September.

    Some of those in isolation have taken have taken to putting signs in their window, including these spotted at Sheffield Hallam's The Forge student accommodation.

    Sign in Forge student accomodation at Sheffield Hallam University
    Sign in Forge student accomodation at Sheffield Hallam University

    In the week to 3 October the infection rate across Sheffield was 320.4 per 100,000 people.

    The city was named as an "area of enhanced support" by Public Health England last week.

    Sign in Forge student accomodation at Sheffield Hallam University
    Sign in Forge student accomodation at Sheffield Hallam University
  6. BreakingSheffield University suspends face-to-face teaching

    The University of Sheffield has announced it is moving teaching online due to the increase in Covid-19 cases among staff and students:

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    The university confirmed yesterday that the number of people who have tested positive for coronavirus at the institution had risen to nearly 500.

    Reported cases in the whole of Sheffield have increased from 91.8 per 100,000 people to 233.1.

    Officials said online teaching would end on Friday and not resume until Monday 19 October.

  7. Coronavirus: 116 cases reported at University of Sheffield

    More than 100 students have tested positive for coronavirus at the University of Sheffield in the first three days of term.

    University of Sheffield

    According to figures published on the university's website 114 students and two members of staff have reported testing positive since Monday.

    The university says it has about 8,000 staff members and a student body of around 29,000.

    It said those affected and their households have been asked to self-isolate as per government guidance, adding that it had "robust processes and procedures" to reduce onward transmission and deep cleaning would be carried out where appropriate.

    A spokeswoman said anyone who tests positive while staying in university accommodation will receive a daily welfare call to offer support.

    She added: "We are in regular contact with Sheffield City Council, Public Health England and other partners to make sure that we are sharing information about the local situation and responding to the latest guidance."

    Sheffield is one of the locations in England named as an "area of concern" by the government, and, according to data analysed by the BBC, had an infection rate of 94.7 per 100,000 in the week to 27 September.