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Seats 201315 Seats 201725 Change+10


Seats 201320 Seats 201711 Change−9

PartyLiberal Democrat

Seats 20131 Seats 20172 Change+1


Seats 20132 Seats 20171 Change−1


Seats 20130 Seats 20171 Change+1


Seats 20132 Seats 2017- Change−2
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Latest Updates

Conservatives make gain on Isle of Wight Council

The Conservatives gained a council seat from Labour on the Isle of Wight in a by-election in Whippingham and Osborne prompted by the resignation of a Labour councillor who previously had been elected as an Independent.

Stephen Hendry picked up 318 votes, ahead of the Liberal Democrats on 179 votes.

Housing benefit resumes after payment failure

Housing benefit payments are now being paid into people’s accounts on the Isle of Wight, after payments to more than 3,000 people failed yesterday.

The council said it was investigating the issue with its bank to ensure a repeat does not occur.

It said bank charges incurred as a result would be covered by the council.

Isle of Wight Council
Lewis clark

Isle of Wight renegotiates Island Roads contract

The Isle of Wight Council and Island Roads have agreed initial savings worth more than £11m following a renegotiation of the highways Public Finance Initiative (PFI) contract.

The arrangement will see a £600,000-a-year cost reduction over the next 18 years of the agreement.

A joint statement said it would lead to a number of job losses at Island Roads and its subcontractors, including five from CCTV monitoring and similar numbers in the area of street cleaning and also grass cutting.

The council transferred the maintenance of the island's highways to Island Roads in 2013 for 25 years.

David Dixon

Monday's weather forecast: Cloudy with showers today

A cloudy start, though mostly dry, with only the odd shower here and there.

Through the day showers will become more prevalent from the West, perhaps merging into longer spells of rain at times.

Maximum Temperature: 7 to 10°C (45 to 50°F).

Cloudy with showers today