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Muslims around the world celebrate Eid
Prayers held across the world to mark the end of Ramadan.

Mountaineers climb artwork in Birmingham underpass

John Bray

BBC News

Brutalist murals in a Birmingham city centre underpass could become a magnet for climbers - thanks to a group of university students.

Mountaineers climb artwork in Birmingham underpass

Members of the University of Birmingham Mountaineering and Climbing Club (UBMC) were asked to visit the William Mitchell artwork, underneath Hockley Circus, by a group which campaigns to promote and protect the city’s 20th Century architecture.

Brutiful Birmingham said the climbing wall murals, created in 1968, were largely forgotten and neglected.

UBMC members plan to alert other enthusiasts across the country. Only experienced climbers are advised to scale the artwork.

Mountaineers climb artwork in Birmingham underpass
The "forgotten" Brutalist murals beneath a flyover could become a magnet for climbers.

'Children should visit dentist when first milk teeth appear'

Just 3% of children visit the dentist before their first birthday which shows a "lack of understanding" about oral health, a new study has found.

The figures rise to 12% by the age of two, University of Birmingham researchers said.

Dental check-up

Most children miss out on dental appointments in the first few years of their lives, the report in the Community Dental Health journal reports.

It's recommended parents take their children to the dentist when their first milk teeth appear, with regular check-ups to follow.

Dr John Morris from the university said: "Poor oral health can cause pain and infection, which can affect eating, sleeping, socialising and learning, yet worryingly our research suggests that there is a widespread lack of understanding of the importance of taking children to the dentist before their first birthday."

Universities urged to stamp out 'unacceptable' admission tactics

Twenty-three universities, including three in Birmingham, are set to receive a government letter urging them to end "unacceptable" admission tactics.

University of Birmingham
University of Birmingham

It's a bid to stamp out the "unethical" practice of "conditional unconditional" offers, which, the letter says, are used to lure students into accepting places.

A "conditional unconditional" offer informs students they are guaranteed a place but only if they put the university as their first option.

Education Secretary Damian Hinds is set to write to Staffordshire University and Keele University along with Aston University, University of Birmingham and Birmingham City University.

Mr Hinds says universities are "backing students into a corner" to accept a place at their institution and trapping them from exploring other options that could be more suitable.

Teaching children about species 'may help conservation'

BBC Midlands Today

A study by the University of Birmingham has found teaching children about species' cultural heritage could help with conservation.


Pupils were divided into groups and presented with facts about magpies.

They were given either cultural, scientific or both lots of information about the birds.

The survey results showed students who were told about cultural heritage regarded it as a reason to protect magpies.

Our analysis is that perhaps the more cultural information you give children and perhaps adults as well, the more might be their appreciation of it. So it gives conservationists another tool in the box as it were for engaging the public with issues of conservation concern

Nigel HopperResearcher