A picture of armed police in London

Frank Gardner

BBC security correspondent

Why the security services face radically different challenges from when the Islamic State group's caliphate first emerged five years ago.

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London Bridge survivor: 'I was convinced I was going to die'
Two women who survived the London Bridge attack in London talk about how they coped with their experiences.

Police welcome sentence on Workington terror plot man

Police have welcomed the jail sentence given to Shane Fletcher, the 21-year-old from Workington who planned to attack the annual Uppies and Downies medieval football match with home-made pipe bombs and Napalm.

Det Supt Will Chatterton, investigations head for counter-terrorism policing in the North West, said: "Thanks to the diligence of our partners and Cumbria Constabulary, who we could not have secured today’s sentence without, another dangerous man is behind bars."

Supt Gary Slater of Cumbria Police said: “As a result of our police officers working in the communities of west Cumbria working closely with Counter Terrorism specialists, Fletcher’s intentions were thwarted long before he could ever carry them out.

"I hope that is a fact that gives people good reason to be confident in the ability of the police to identify, prevent and prosecute such offenders."

Police logo on van
Cumbria Police