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With Ryanair cancelling hundreds of flights today, Wake Up To Money has been asking listeners for positive stories about the times they were delayed.

Ian from Northwich says: "Celebrating our silver wedding in Mexico last year, me and my wife were delayed 24 hours on the way back. Spent an extra night in the hotel all inclusive, flew back on a 747 upstairs in business class and got €600 each in compensation which paid for this years holiday in Majorca."

Jon from Hornsey says: "Yesterday's flight from Venice to London was delayed, only by an hour.

"But a one hour delay with a 2 year-old is like a 10 hour delay. The crew saw my 2 year-old was getting stressed, so they invited him to the cockpit, where he spent 15 minutes in dreamland."

Ryanair strike: One in six flights cancelled in pilot walkout


Ryanair pilots are striking in five European countries, forcing the cancellation of a sixth of the firm's flights during the holiday season peak.

The 24-hour walk-out involves staff in Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands. About 50,000 passengers are understood to have been told of cancellations on 400 flights.

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Dutch court says Ryanair pilots permission to strike

A Ryanair aeroplne

A Dutch court has ruled that Ryanair's pilots in the Netherlands are permitted to join their counterparts in Germany, Belgium, Ireland and Sweden in a strike tomorrow.

Friday 10 August is meant to be one of the busiest for the travel industry as a peak number of people go on holiday, but the budget airline has had to cancel one in six flights.

Ryanair went to the Haarlem District Court today to try to get an urgent court order to halt the industrial action, but its request has been denied.