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As of 17:04 24 May 2019
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As of 17:04 24 May 2019

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Microsoft hits $1tn market cap briefly

Microsoft logo on a building
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Nasdaq has been boosted by a raft of positive earnings results from technology firms on Wednesday.

Facebook is top of the index, and it is followed by semiconductor manufacturer Lam Research, up 6.1% to $207.36 after topping analysts' expectations on earnings.

In third place is Microsoft, which rose 4.7% to $130.92 with $30.6bn in revenues thanks to growing demand for its cloud business.

On Wednesday, Microsoft briefly reached the $1tn market cap for the first time ever in late trading after its results were announced, and then hit it again on market open on Thursday.

Microsoft's shares are now just below the $1tn market cap at $130.09.

On Wednesday, electric car marker Tesla reported a $702m quarterly loss and predicted a loss for the following second quarter of 2019.

Tesla's shares opened 2% lower, but have now recovered and are down 0.3% to $257.61.

How Microsoft Paint's survival helped one illustrator's livelihood

Cartoonist Pat Hines explains how important Paint is for his work.
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(Photo: Watercolour background Credit: Calvin Dexter / Getty Images)