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    Video caption: Covid-19: Dad clapped out of Papworth Hospital after five months

    Rajinder Singh, 38, was put on to ECMO, an artificial lung, after other ventilation attempts failed.

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    Video caption: Johnson on Dyson phone messages over Covid ventilators

    The prime minister queries those who think there is something "dodgy or rum or weird or sleazy" about securing more ventilators in a pandemic.

  3. Grieving sister describes tragic loss of her brother to Covid 19

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    Video caption: 34 year old Lance Mills died from coronavirus at Dorset County Hospital.
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    Video caption: Covid: What happens in an intensive care unit?

    As Boris Johnson continues to be treated for coronavirus in an ICU, we take a look at how they work.

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    Video caption: Coronavirus: NHS workers who died in the pandemic

    More than 600 health and social care workers have died from the coronavirus pandemic.