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Residents 'frustrated' over beauty spot litter

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Nic Marco

Calls have been made for everyone to play their part in keeping a Hartlepool beauty spot clean and tidy after reports of overflowing bins.

Headland resident Alison Dormer said she had spotted litter included bottles, cans, plastic buckets, spades, towels, disposable gloves and face masks, and urged people to play their part to look after the "gorgeous area".

Hartlepool Borough Council chiefs also echoed calls for residents to play their part to keep the area tidy after clearing up broken glass on the beach, and reminded people that Covid-19 restrictions remained in place.

Mrs Dormer, a retired school teacher said: "It’s only a tiny number of people who are not picking up after themselves.

"It just reached a tipping point over the Bank Holiday weekend and you just think, oh come on.

“It’s when it’s on such a large scale, that’s the upsetting thing, that’s the frustrating thing.

Headland rubbish

Seaton Carew gets new parking restrictions

Ahead of the bank holiday weekend and with lockdown restrictions on exercise being relaxed, changes are being made to The Front in Seaton Carew.

Starting tomorrow parking bays will be coned off and will become an extension of the existing footpath, creating more space to enable people to stay 2m (6ft) apart.

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Hartlepool council issues warning to visitors

Hartlepool council is telling visitors to stay away as the coronavirus lockdown eases in England.

It has issued the call amid concerns people may be drawn to the seaside as the weather improves.

Council leader Shane Moore, said: “We have a long history of welcoming visitors and holidaymakers to Hartlepool with open arms and we look forward to the day we are able to do this again.

“Although government advice has now changed and there is nothing we can do to stop visitors, we’re asking people to remember that Covid-19 is still a very real threat.

“Our priority continues to be limiting the impact this vile virus has on our communities and our vulnerable residents and – with this in mind – we are politely asking visitors to stay away.

“Our coastal car parks continue to be closed to help prevent the spread of the virus and we will take enforcement action where this is necessary."

It follows a similar warning from Redcar council earlier today.

Hartlepool firms helped with £15m from government coronvirus schemes

Local Democracy Reporting Service

More than £15m in government grants has been given out to firms in Hartlepool to help them battle pressures stemming from the coronavirus.

Figures from the government show as of 3 May a total of 1,390 payments have been made to businesses in the area, totaling £15,655,000.

Hartlepool Borough Council estimates a further 150 companies may be eligible for payments from either a small business grants fund scheme or a retail, hospitality and leisure business grants fund.

Council leader Shane Moore said the payments "can be used to meet fixed costs, such as property rent and property insurance, to pay supplier invoices, or pay wages if your business is experiencing cash flow problems".

He added: “These grants can also be used to pay wages if you have agreed with your employees that they will be furloughed and you are waiting to claim this money back from the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.”

Further information is available on the council's website.

Coronavirus: Advice for childrens welfare

With everyone under lockdown, rising tensions at home may mean some children are at risk.

Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees Safeguarding Children Partnership is urging people to be vigilant and to get in touch, if they're worried.

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Hartlepool Council urges coronavirus adherence

BBC Radio Tees

Hartlepool Borough Council has made an appeal for residents to follow the government rules on social distancing - and for parents to ensure that their children follow them too.

It follows recent incidents of people ignoring the regulations, including children and young people congregating in groups in and around the town’s parks.

The council said people should only leave home when absolutely necessary:

  • Shopping for basic necessities, but as infrequently as possible.
  • For health reasons, to provide care or to help a vulnerable person.
  • Travelling to and from work when they can’t work from home
  • One daily exercise trip that "must" start and finish at home

Children's play areas in the town's parks are closed to deter people from congregating.

Council chief executive Gill Alexander said: “Every single person, regardless of their age, must play their part to help prevent the spread of the infection – only leaving home if it’s absolutely necessary and staying 2m away from other people at all times."

Parking charges suspended in Hartlepool

BBC Radio Tees

Charges in pay and display public car parks in Hartlepool have been suspended until further notice.

Hartlepool Borough Council said it made the move to support everyone who is "working round the clock" to battle the coronavirus outbreak.

Council leader Shane Moore said: “We recognise that critical workers in health and care and essential council services are doing vital and highly-valued work to support the most vulnerable in our borough, save lives and support our communities at this unprecedented time.

“They are working long shifts, day and night, as they step up to this huge challenge. We are also aware that volunteers are stepping up as good neighbours to help with shopping and the delivery of prescriptions. We have therefore taken this step as part of our efforts to support everyone who is working against the clock to beat the Coronavirus.

“However, in doing this, we would reiterate the national advice for people to stay at home and only travel for essential purposes.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to remind people that they still need to park appropriately and safely.”

Warning against coronavirus fraudsters

Hartlepool residents have been warned to be on their guard against fraudsters trying to take advantage of the coronavirus outbreak.

Trading standards officers said there had been reports from around the country of people knocking on the doors of vulnerable residents, posing as officials from organisations such as the NHS or the World Health Organisation and attempting to sell fake coronavirus testing kits and vaccinations.

Criminals have also been approaching elderly residents who may be self-isolating and offering to go shopping for them to buy essential goods before disappearing with their cash or or bank card.

On other occasions, people have been offered high demand items such as toilet roll and hand gels for grossly inflated prices.

Rachael Readman, Hartlepool Council's acting trading standards and licensing manger said: “These are unprecedented times and people are understandably concerned, so it’s important that they are on guard against these criminals who will attempt to take advantage of them".

“If you are approached by anyone on your doorstep offering any type of service do not deal with them. Official organisations will never contact you in this way."

Hartlepool council to cancel meetings

BBC Radio Tees

Hartlepool Borough Council is cancelling meetings and events and closing venues offering "non-essential services" amid the coronavirus outbreak.

In an open letter, chief executive Gill Alexander said she "fully understands many people across Hartlepool will be feeling worried" and the council is "doing everything we can to support residents".

She said: "We have taken the decision to cancel all council events up to the end of June and close a number of our venues offering non-essential services.

Hartlepool Council building

"We have also taken the decision to postpone all council meetings pending national guidance which we are expecting to receive in the coming days."

She said most services will run as normal but "it is inevitable we will have to focus our resources where they are needed most".

Ms Alexander urged residents to follow government advice and keep up to date with developments in Hartlepool on the council's website.