Halton Borough Council

Halton scoreboard

2021 Labour hold, from 2019

Counting complete. After 54 of 54 seats declared.

Change compared with 2019
  1. Labour

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 48
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change 0
    • Councillors overall total 48
  2. Liberal Democrat

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 3
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change 0
    • Councillors overall total 3
  3. Conservative

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 2
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change -1
    • Councillors overall total 2
  4. Green

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 1
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change +1
    • Councillors overall total 1
  1. City region households facing council tax rise to fund mayor

    People living in Liverpool City Region are facing a higher council tax bill to pay for the running costs of its mayor.

    Steve Rotheram

    Mayor Steve Rotheram is proposing a precept which will see most residents paying between £12.67 and £38 a year on top of their existing council tax, depending on which band their property is in.

    The bill for his first year as mayor was paid for by the six local authorities of the city region, which cannot afford to repeat the outlay this year.

    "In the face of continuing austerity, we cannot expect our six local authorities to carry on funding the combined authority," said Mr Rotheram

  2. Halton Council 'due to overspend by £5m'

    Local Democracy Reporting Service

    The leader of Halton Borough Council has said the authority’s finances are “not good” after a report revealed a predicted annual overspend of more than £5m.

    At an executive board meeting on Thursday, council boss Rob Polhill said that their overspend position did not reflect a crisis but were “not good”.

    The report on the first quarter period of 2018/2019 revealed that revenue expenditure was £1.1m above budget.

    It added that based on current spending patterns, projections showed the council will have a year-end overspend of about £5.1m if no action is taken.

    The main budget pressure continues to be within the children and families department -despite additional funding of £3m being allocated at the start of the financial year.

    Since 2010, the council has suffered a 60% loss in funding.

  3. Cheaper funerals for Halton residents

    Halton Borough Council is launching a cheaper funeral service for its residents.

    The Halton Residents’ Funeral will be available from 3 September for any Halton resident, offering a cremation funeral for £1,889 and a price of £1,770 for those who already have a family burial plot.

    Recent figures show that a typical funeral costs an average of £4,078.

    Councillor Stef Nelson said:

    Quote Message: We believe that access to a dignified funeral, without getting into crippling debt, is a basic human right.