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Elected in 2018 51 Total councillors 51 Change+13


Elected in 2018 12 Total councillors 12 Change-13
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Council's prostitution crackdown 'a disgrace'

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Redbridge council’s efforts to reduce prostitution are a “complete disgrace” that will endanger vulnerable women, an activist group has warned.

The English Collective of Prostitutes (ECOP) warns that a £20,000 trial to change the mindset and behaviour of those soliciting sex will only force sex workers into more dangerous situations.

The trial, announced earlier this month, was funded by a grant from the Local Government Association and will focus on South Ilford, a prostitution hotspot.

The council has also increased its council enforcement presence, CCTV and police patrols in the area, as well as banning attempts to buy sexual services in public.

ECOP spokesperson Laura Watson said: “Criminalising clients does not stop prostitution or stop the criminalisation of workers. It does make it more dangerous for sex workers, which is our concern.

“The need for clients does not go away but clients become nervous to stop, which means women don’t have the time to negotiate, check them out, see if there’s anyone else in the car or let a friend write the licence plate down.

“You just have to jump in the car rather than take time and that’s a very dangerous situation the council are putting women in.

Redbridge Council's leader Jas Athwal said: “The overriding objective of our enforcement work has always been to tackle the men who we know are illegally soliciting sex.

“Rather than being arrested, women are engaged and signposted to support services to try and help them find other sources of income, and help them come to terms with any trauma they may have experienced."

He said residents had appealed to the council for help after "daily confrontations with men soliciting sex, in their front gardens, high street and alley ways".

Young people at risk of joining gangs to be given therapy

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Young people at risk of becoming involved in gangs will be given family therapy for the first time in London in a bid to bring down violent crime.

The therapy programme will start in the capital later this year after a successful trial in the US.

Redbridge will be the first council in the country to run the scheme having been awarded more than £780,000 from the Home Office’s Youth Endowment Fund to start the Functional Family Therapy (FFT) sessions.

Gang members or young people affiliated with gangs and their carers will be assigned a clinical therapist for up to five months to overcome “negative patterns of behaviour within the family”.

Councillor Elaine Norman, the borough’s cabinet member for children, said: “We want to give our young people the best opportunities and starts in life, as well as the support they need when they need it.”

A study, published last year, found that young people associated with gangs in Philadelphia and ordered to complete FFT by courts had “significantly lower levels of self-reported general delinquency, drug use and alcohol use”.

Redbridge will be working with the Cambridgeshire-based Family Psychology Mutual to deliver the therapy sessions.

Tom Jefford, from Family Psychology Mutual said: “This clinical adaptation of Functional Family Therapy is new to the UK and so we hope to make a valuable contribution to reduce the risks posed to vulnerable young people by gang involvement by adding specialist family work to the interventions already in place.”

Councillors criticised for blocking social media

Local Democracy Reporting Service

A council leader and deputy leader have been slammed by residents for blocking them on social media.

Redbridge leader Jas Athwal and deputy leader Kam Rai have been accused of refusing to listen to those they represent.

Les Kaye, who lives in Hainault, said none of his communications have been abusive:

“I accept that because of his unpopular policies he is going to attract criticism, but surely an elected representative is working for us, the people, and unless these communications are offensive or abusive which they clearly are not, then he has no right to be acting in this manner to the residents of Redbridge.

But Cllr Rai said he had been harrassed and abused online and the people who are blocked are not the victims.

“I have witnessed colleagues harassed for nothing more than having a different opinion and trying to do their best, and if you cannot remain civil then you can expect to be blocked.

Cllr Rai also raised concerns about people sharing councillors’ addresses on a map for all to see.

Cannabis farm found in derelict hospital

Police have discovered a cannabis factory in Redbridge at an abandoned hospital.

Illegal cannabis factory
Met Police

More than 1000 cannabis plants with an estimated street value of in excess of £1m were being grown in 30 rooms within the derelict Mayesbrook Clinic at Goodmayes Lane.

Det Insp Gareth Gilbert said: “Taking such a large drug haul off the streets is a great catch for the Met.

“Violence is one of the main by-products of the illegal drug industry, so it is imperative that we continue to tackle this problem head on."

No arrests have been made.

New home prices to be linked to wages

Homes with prices linked to average local earnings could be built in Ilford town centre.

House builder
Getty Images

The Salvation Army, along with Redbridge Citizens, are pushing for the local council to deliver Community Land Trust (CLT) homes as part of a new development on Clements Road.

CLT homes are seen as “genuinely affordable” as their cost is calculated by taking average earnings in the nearby area into account, with any re-sale based on a price in line with current local average incomes.

Redbridge Council leader Jas Athwal has made a public commitment to deliver 250 CLT homes across the borough.

John Clifton, of Ilford’s Salvation Army Corps said CLT homes are about providing people with a home, not just an asset.

Redbridge Council's 'Wall of Shame' preventing fly-tippers

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Redbridge Council’s CCTV fly-tipping campaign has caught more people on camera dumping their rubbish.

The authority launched its "Wall of Shame" CCTV campaign last year where images of people caught dumping rubbish are posted on a dedicated website.

The council’s site has had thousands of views and has led to a number of people being identified and fined for fly-tipping in the borough.

Recent images show someone dumping a mattress, suitcase and black bin bags full of waste.

The council runs a free bulky waste collection service so it says there is no need for people to dump large items illegally.

Redbridge Council leader Jas Athwal described fly-tippers as a "real scourge on society".

He added: "Nobody wants people dumping rubbish on our streets and we take a zero-tolerance approach to those caught breaking the law.

“I’m pleased to say the Wall of Shame is quickly becoming a potent weapon in our fightback against fly-tipping."

Plans for high rise tower block dropped

Local Democracy Reporting Service

'Badly thought-out' plans for the construction of a high rise tower block in South Woodford have been dropped due to opposition among the local community.

BB Partnership had proposed to construct a nine-storey building of businesses and residential apartments between Eastwood Close and George Lane, but the developers have now abandoned their bid after around 300 people opposed it.

Those opposing the plans said the block would dominate the landscape due to its size.

Councillor Beverley Brewer, who represents South Woodford ward, called the abandonment of the plans a “real victory” for locals opposing over-development in the area.

“This sets important precedents for the Station Estate and surrounding area. It shows developers that they cannot just put forward badly thought-out plans for a tower block development," she said.