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Party Elected in 2018 Total councillors Change


Elected in 2018 51 Total councillors 51 Change+13


Elected in 2018 12 Total councillors 12 Change-13
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New mayor stands down over wife's criminal past

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Mundill Mahil
Met Police
Mundill Mahil was sentenced to three years in jail for her part in the death of Gagandip Singh

Redbridge’s newly elected mayor has decided to step down, but says he stands united with his wife, despite her controversial past.

Shortly after Cllr Variner Singh-Bola announced his new position last week, it was revealed his wife Mundill Mahil had once lured a man to his grisly death and served three years in prison.

Ms Mahil’s conviction or grievous bodily harm in 2012 came after she enticed 21-year-old Gagandip Singh to her student flat in Brighton.

Mr Singh was then beaten over the head by another man, tied up and thrown into the back of a Mercedes which was set alight.

Ms Mahil was sentenced to three years behind bars for greivous bodily harm in 2012, but was released on licence in 2014.

She married Cllr Singh-Bola in 2016.

After these relevations about his wife’s past made national headlines, today Cllr Singh Bola has decided to step down from the role “in the interest of his family.”

Redbridge brings in automatic number plate recognition

Local Democracy Reporting Service

More known criminals could be caught and prosecuted as automatic number plate recognition cameras are installed throughout Redbridge.

The council’s Labour group promised to bring in the new technology as part of its local election manifesto in May this year.

The cameras are being brought in to tackle crime and improve safety, wanted vehicles will be more easily identified and the technology can be used to find members of organised crime, travelling criminals and even terrorists.

The authority has pledged £1.5m to the scheme and installation began this week, with 18 cameras going live.

In total, 41 cameras are set to turned on over the coming days with 14 digital display boards positioned as drivers enter the borough, which will show car registrations as they pass. In a recent public consultation, 96% of those who responded came out in favour of the plans and the council has worked with the police to determine where and how many cameras will appear throughout the borough.

As part of the £1.5m investment, the council is also upgrading its CCTV systems.

Streets to become car-free to let kids play

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Some streets will become car free for certain times of the day to allow children to play outside their homes.

Redbridge Council introduced the Play Streets scheme as a pilot earlier in the year and has decided to roll it out formally due to its popularity.

Cabinet member for civic pride Cllr John Howard said: “The feedback has been positive, we have seen this work in other boroughs, such as Hackney which has a really good green streets campaign.

“It gets the whole street out, a whole mix of the community; you can talk to your neighbours and get to know the people living around you like you would not have before.

“It is a chance to reclaim the roads back from traffic and it has been popular all over the borough, I do not think there has been anywhere it has not been well received.”

Roads in Gants Hill, Barkingside and all over the borough have taken part in the pilot and the cabinet member explained the cost to the council to run the scheme is minimal.

The plan is to roll the Play Streets scheme out on a quarterly basis and the council is encouraging people to apply to make their street part of the initiative.

Swimming gold medallist opens new leisure centre

Local Democracy Reporting Service

James Silby
Alice Richardson

A Commonwealth gold medallist has opened a new leisure centre in Goodmayes.

Swimmer James Silby (pictured) joined council leader Cllr Jas Athwal and Redbridge mayor Cllr Debbie Kaur-Thiara to cut the ribbon at Mayfield Leisure Centre next to Mayfield School.

The champion breaststroker brought along his two world championship medals, those he said “mean the most” to him, and dived into the pool to show off his skills.

The new complex in Kinsfaun Road features a gym, a six-lane swimming pool and studio and cost Redbridge Council just £5.25 million to build.

Ilford to host 'Day of the Dead' festival

The Mexican Day of the Dead festival is a unique celebration, where those loved and lost are remembered.

Ilford High Street will come alive this Saturday in a spectacle of costumes, giant puppets, music and dance.

The celebration is based on Dia de Los Muertos - a Mexican holiday celebrated on 2 November throughout Mexico, in particular the central and south regions, and by people of Mexican heritage elsewhere.

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Redbridge Council weighing up council tax reduction scheme

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Redbridge Council is considering whether to roll out a council tax reduction scheme to help those on state support.

However, the authority wants to hear from residents before it makes the final decision.

The Labour-led council claims central government funding cuts and the introduction of Universal Credit has made the existing scheme "no longer fit for purpose."

Redbridge Council says keeping the current scheme will mean modest changes in income under Universal Credit and frequent changes to the council tax levels residents pay.

As part of the scheme, the council has said it will: provide a hardship fund for vulnerable residents facing financial difficulties; help residents find work and provide money advice to support financial independence.

The consultation closes on 12 November.

Free water refill point for Valentine's Park

Local Democracy Reporting Service

The Mayor of London has announced a free water refill station for Valentine's Park in Redbridge.

The new refill point will sit in the centre of the park and is part of Sadiq Khan's iniative to cut down on plastic waste.

Tom Copley of the London-wide Greater London Authority said: "We are likely to have more heatwaves in future, so this initiative by the Mayor is an important one.

"Providing local people with the means to refill for free will also lead to less plastic waste, which we know has an adverse impact on the environment.

"This announcement today is a positive step forward in terms of the Mayor taking action on single-use plastics."

Plastic water bottles make up 10% of all litter found in the River Thames. Up to 75% of flounder (a type of fish) in the Thames were found to have ingested plastic.

Redbridge Council spent almost £100,000 on mayoral cars

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Redbridge Council has spent almost £100,000 on its mayoral cars - including a Jaguar.

The authority spent more than any other London borough and the second highest amount nationally, out of 419 councils.

According to figures from the Tax Payers' Alliance, Redbridge topped the London list of spending on its mayoral Toyota Prius and Jaguar.

Leasing the mayoral Prius and Jaguar costs Redbridge Council £15,667 according to the figures.

The borough's £84,000 maintenance fee for its mayoral cars is the highest paid by all of the local authorities surveyed in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

A spokesman for Redbridge Council said: "The figures published by the Taxpayer Alliance do not reflect the cost of the mayor's transport. The average annual cost is £13,425 per year, which includes all maintenance, leasing, insurance and overhead charges.

"The mayor, as first citizen of the borough, attends hundreds of community events during the year and raises tens of thousands of pounds for charities. It wouldn't be possible for them to travel to the various engagements they attend in one day if they had to rely on public transport."

The authority was only beaten by the City of Glasgow Council, which spent £107,661 on its three mayoral cars. Hull City Council came in third, having spent more than £94,000 on its two cars.