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#NorfolkDay gets a plug from famous son

Writer, author, actor, former Norwich City director and proud Norfolkian Stephen Fry has told his 12.8m Twitter followers about #NorfolkDay.

Mr Fry grew up in Booton, near Reepham, and still has a home in the county.

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Hoik. Flip. Smite. Tip. Tonk....

The Stumped team discuss comedian Stephen Fry's list of cricketing terms.
Did you know there are at least 106 words for hitting a cricket ball? 
Neither did I until English comedian and cricket fan Stephen Fry made a list. 
Stumped presenter Alison Mitchell reels them all off in a single breath before her co-hosts Jim Maxwell and Sunil Gupta suggest some notable omissions.

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'Lost in space' Bakewell pudding found

Dave Wade

BBC News

Remember the Bakewell pudding that was sent to the edge of space and disappeared?

Pupils at S. Anselm's Preparatory School in Derbyshire launched the dessert, attached to a high altitude balloon in June.

But they lost contact with its tracking device when it was 52,500ft over Saxilby, near Lincoln.

Well it's been found not too far away in the Lincolnshire Wolds, near Louth.

bakewell pudding
S. Anselm's School

Nick McCloud, who helped the school with the launch, said: "On Saturday I got a phone call from a farmer who found it in a corner of his field.

"He very kindly phoned me up and has sent me a picture of the payload looking pretty intact."

However he said it had "very clearly been nibbled on the edges".

Could this be proof of extraterrestrial life?

We'll have to wait for Nick to retrieve the pudding later today and check the on-board camera to find out...

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The pudding's plight was picked up by Stephen Fry who tweeted about it.

Stephen Fry speaks of 'aggressive' prostate cancer
British comedian says he has been keeping his head down since his cancer operation in early January.