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    Video caption: Marcus Rashford free school meals campaign inspires Northampton youth academy player

    A 12-year-old fundraises for children's charities after hearing about Rashford's school meals drive.

  2. Rise in help needed from Cornwall children's services

    BBC Radio Cornwall

    There's been a steep rise in the number of families needing help from children's services in Cornwall.

    Early Help Services at Cornwall Council help about 2,000 families at any one time – a figure which has doubled in the last three years.

    The councillor overseeing children's services, Sally Hawken, said staff and officials were expecting demand to rise even further because of Covid and the effects on the economy.

    She said: "Families may have been just about managing, but the issues of employment and poverty are going to tip people over from just-about-managing into not managing."

    Children's services
  3. Less than half of children 'getting enough daily activity'

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Less than half of schoolchildren in Guernsey are reaching the recommended amount of daily activity, according to a recent study.

    More than 300 children wore devices containing accelerometers for a week last autumn as a sample in a project run by the Health Improvement Commission.

    The commission said it was now looking at ways to encourage children to be active for another 10 to 15 minutes a day to bring them up to the recommended hour a day.

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    Video caption: Mothers raising awareness of rare disease H-ABC

    H-ABC is believed to be one of the rarest diseases on the planet. Three mothers spoke about how they are trying to raise awareness.

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    Video caption: Six-year-old Jackson's parents were told he was unlikely to reach the age of two.
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    Video caption: Type 1 diabetes: 'We were so lucky he was diagnosed when he was'

    The number of children presenting with symptoms fell by almost a third in lockdown, figures show.