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    Video caption: Nashville explosion: CCTV captures moment of blast

    Police believe the incident in front of a telecommunications office was likely a suicide bombing.

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    Video caption: Nashville explosion: Police investigate 'intentional' act

    A parked camper van exploded early on Christmas morning in what police believe to be a deliberate act.

  3. BreakingTrump projected to win in Tennessee

    Donald Trump is projected to win in the state of Tennessee.

    It has voted Republican since the end of the presidency of Democrat Bill Clinton. In 2016, Trump was 26 percentage points ahead of Hillary Clinton.

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    Video caption: Teachers express concern about US schools reopening

    President Trump's press secretary said it was safe to reopen and that "the child will always come first".

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    Video caption: Keith Urban on his lockdown drive-in concert

    The US country music star performed to healthcare workers in their cars in Tennessee.

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    Video caption: Survivors from Tennessee tornado share their stories

    The Tennessee tornadoes have killed 24 people and injured many more. About 44,000 people are without power.

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    Video caption: Tornadoes strike central Tennessee

    At least nine people have been killed in the southern US state, media reports say.

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    Video caption: How making a violin brought these two together

    When Nashville musician Amanda asked violinmaker Ray to make her a new instrument, little did she know where it would lead.