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Netflix subscriber growth slows

Today Programme

BBC Radio 4

Sir David Attenborough
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Sir David Attenborough at the launch of animated Netflix series Our Planet

The video streaming service Netflix has just had the strongest three months in its existence - bringing the total number of its subscribers to 149 million globally. But the company has warned that its breakneck growth is about to slow. Kara Swisher, a technology business journalist and a co-founder of Recode, talked to Today.

"They are very inventive, spending a lot of money and attracting big stars," she tells the programme.

But there's lots of competition and the sense of fragmentation in the market - will consumers pay for lots of platforms as Disney and Apple enter the market? It might explain why the shares are down a shade.

1977: Apple

The story of the Apple II personal computer, launched in 1977, and its legacy.
Author and broadcaster Michael S. Malone tells the story of the Apple II personal computer, an invention which helped to revolutionise the way we work and play. "The stunning Apple II, with its new rainbow logo, put the scores of other, cruder personal computers in the shade, " he says. "They looked like the past. The Apple II looked like the future, the only future, for personal computing."
Producer: Neil Koenig