Jeff Sessions

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    Video caption: Senator shut down and forced to go to Facebook

    Senator Elizabeth Warren was silenced by Senate Republicans after reading a letter criticising Jeff Sessions.

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    Video caption: Trump on Mueller probe: 'I didn't speak to Whitaker about it'

    The president says he hasn't discussed Russia with the new man in charge of the probe into alleged collusion.

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    Video caption: Jeff Sessions: how Trump turned on an early ally

    Jeff Sessions was one of Donald Trump's earliest supporters, but their relationship soured long before he was asked to resign.

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    Video caption: Staff applaud as Sessions leaves Department of Justice

    Fired US Attorney General Jeff Sessions exits the Justice Department.

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    Video caption: Chuck Schumer: Timing of Sessions' firing 'suspect'

    The US Senate Democratic leader reacts as he's handed a note about the firing of the US Attorney General.