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Google's Dragonfly project in trouble

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According to The Intercept's latest report on Google's controversial Dragonfly project, it looks like some internal squabbling might bring work on the censored search engine to an end.

Google’s all-important privacy team were kept in the dark it seems about the use of a a local search engine in China to harvest data.

The local search engine was being used to help make Dragonfly pretty much fall in line with Beijing’s strict rules around censorship.

"The incident represents a major blow to top Google executives, including CEO Sundar Pichai, who have over the last two years made the China project one of their main priorities," The Intercept reported on Tuesday.

It's not the first road block Dragonfly's development has faced. Earlier this year, some 1,400 Google employees signed a letter asking for more details about the project, and expressing concern that Google was developing a tool that would help promote, or at least support censorship in China.