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Uber hit with fine in Singapore

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Ride hailing firms Uber and Grab have been hit with a total fine of $13m Singapore dollars ($9.5m; £7.27m) over competition concerns after the firms merged their Singapore businesses earlier this year.

Singapore's competition watchdog said the sale of Uber’s Southeast Asian business for a 27.5% stake in Malaysian-based firm Grab had led to "a substantial lessening of competition in the provision of ride-hailing platform services in Singapore".

Uber was being fined S$6.6m and Grab S$6.4m.

The competition watchdog said the merger had removed Grab’s closest rival, "to the detriment of Singapore drivers and riders".

Uber Eats protesters block streets
Uber Eats drivers are staging protests over changes to their payment structure, claiming rates for every delivery had been reduced without agreement.

Uber Eats drivers protest over pay

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Scores of Uber Eats drivers have staged a protest over pay at the company's London offices.

The Uber protestors said it was a spontaneous show of action against the company, claiming rates for every delivery had been reduced without agreement.

Many of the drivers were Portuguese migrant workers.

One said: "Some of us are facing a cut from £4.60 a drop to £2.80 which is totally unacceptable

"No-one has organised this, it's just a spontaneous show of anger at what is happening."

An Uber Eats spokesman said: "In response to feedback from couriers we've made some changes to our payment structure in London, which brings it into line with other cities.

"The changes will help increase earnings during busy mealtimes and, as we transition to the new system, we're introducing minimum payment guarantees of £9-£11 an hour."

Uber unveils new passenger safety features

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Uber has announced new safety features as security issues re-emerged at ride-hailing companies, according to the Financial Times.

The move comes after major safety lapses by China's ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing, which last month issued a public apology, after the murder of a female passenger.

Uber's features include contacting passengers and drivers if smartphone senors detect a possible crash or prolonged stop during a ride.