Cerebral Palsy

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    Video caption: Norfolk mum is 'so grateful' after £80k raised for toddler Tommy

    Tommy's family hope he will no longer be in "daily pain" after surgery to improve his mobility.

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    Video caption: Children in Need: Charity helps provide support in lockdown

    A charity has been using online therapy tools to support children with motor disorders such as cerebral palsy.

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    Video caption: Captain Sir Tom Moore inspires boy, five, with cerebral palsy to walk

    Lewis is among those taking part in Captain Sir Tom Moore's latest campaign to support the lonely.

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    Video caption: The 10-year battle for a road crossing in Cardiff

    Sue Hurrell's daughter has cerebral palsy and struggles to safely cross the busy road in her wheelchair.

  5. 'Captain Tobias' to take on third marathon fundraiser

    A nine-year-old boy from Sheffield has announced plans to take on a third marathon after raising more than £150,000 with his first two efforts.

    Tobias Weller and Jess Ennis, Sheffield

    Earlier this year, Tobias Weller, who has cerebral palsy and autism, walked and ran marathons on the street where he lives in Sheffield using a walker and a specially designed running frame.

    Also known as Captain Tobias, the youngster (pictured above) has now raised £150,030 for Sheffield Children's Hospital and the Paces special school he attends.

    In a Twitter post, he thanked everyone who had donated and said he is planning to take on another marathon on his trike.

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    Video caption: Natasha Lambert prepares for transatlantic sailing challenge

    Natasha Lambert, who has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, is preparing to sail across the Atlantic using her breath to control the boat.