BBC Arabic Survey: Are Arabs turning their backs on religion?
The BBC Arabic Survey interviewed 25,407 people in 10 countries and the Palestinian territories.

Life and Death for Yemen’s Children

Orla Guerin follows the story of a girl and a boy in urgent need of medical evacuation.
With the war in Yemen now in its fifth year the United Nations is warning that 80% of the population – some 24 million people – need some form of humanitarian aid, and nearly 10 million people are “just a step away from famine”. Medical services in the country are on the brink of collapse, and the UN says a child under five dies every 10 minutes, from preventable causes. 
The country is divided by a fierce civil war between the internationally recognised government – backed by a Saudi led coalition – and the Houthi rebel movement  – allied with Iran. 
Many sick children have been trapped in the capital Sana’a  by a Saudi ban on civilian flights.  The BBC’s  international correspondent Orla Guerin has been following the story of a girl and a boy in urgent need of medical evacuation.  She reports now from Amman, Jordan. First broadcast: 01/04/2019
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