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  1. LA Race Riots - what's changed 30 years on?

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    Video caption: The BBC's Clive Myrie reflects on the impact and legacy of the riots of 1992.
  2. Row erupts online over African immigration to US

    Chiagozie Nwonwu

    BBC News

    Some 50,000 people have taken part in a combative conversation in Twitter Spaces on the topic of African migration to the US, which has generated wider discussions in Nigeria about the xenophobia faced by people who move abroad.

    US filmmaker Tariq Nasheed co-hosted the chat that was titled: "How Does Immigration Benefit Black Americans".

    People joined in from various countries in Africa to disagree with the notion that immigration from Africa hurts African-Americans, who Nasheed refers to as "foundational black Americans".

    Nigerian screenwriter Dami Elebe said the debate was divisive:

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    Nasheed said the purpose of the Twitter Space was to move forward the conversation about the place of immigrants in America society.

    However, many people who spoke accused him of using terms that promoted xenophobia and divisiveness.

    He rejected these accusations and also asked respondents, many of them American citizens by birth: "Where are you from originally?"

    #Tariq, #Immigrants #Badagry #Nigerians #Gimba #Yaba are some of the hashtags now trending that have stemmed from the conversation.

    Nigerian columnist Gimba Kakanda was among those who rejected the notion that immigrants were "stealing jobs" from black Americans, and Nasheed conceded that as a "high school dropout" he couldn’t do the job that Kakanda's PhD-holding friend does at Microsoft:

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    Exasperated after the conversation, Kakanda tweeted: “As expected! SMH [shaking my head]” .

    Others however are finding something light-hearted to say about the whole topic:

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    And others still are urging caution:

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