Is it harder being a female business owner in Italy?

Marta Capuozzo says some people don't take her seriously because she's a woman
In Italy, unemployment is high and many young people are leaving to work in northern Europe. But 32 year old businesswoman Marta Capuozzo has stayed. She runs a web marketing agency in the southern city of Naples and explains the challenges that she faces as a woman doing business in Italy.

(Photo: Businesswoman Marta Capuozzo in Naples. Credit: BBC)
Infected olive tree (Image courtesy of EPPO/D. Boscia, Istituto di Virologia Vegetale del CNR, Bari/F. Nigro, Università degli Studi di Bari/A. Guario, Plant Protection Service, Regione Puglia)

Mark Kinver

Environment reporter, BBC News

A disease posing a "very serious threat" to the EU's olive industry still poses a real threat to southern European producers, say experts.

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Sluggish Italy


Italy is being to forecast to have the weakest growth, at 0.1%, and the EC describes the Italian economy as having "sluggish" growth.

"In 2020, which has two additional working days, real GDP is forecast to expand by 0.7%. The forecast scenario is based on a no-policy-change assumption and does not incorporate the effects of hikes in indirect taxes envisaged for 2020 in the government plans," it says.

And on the deficit, the government deficit is expected to increase to 2.5% of GDP, mainly due to the slowdown in economic growth, and 3.5% in 2020.