How I See Spiders

Who else sees spiders like this?

The deadly dance of the wolf spider

How it avoids being killed by predators during mating
Scientists say they have found out that male wolf spiders can differentiate between spider-eating and non-spider-eating birds. This means they can keep performing a mating dance to entice females while managing to avoid predators. American behavioural ecologist, Tricia Rubi, explains the intricate love life of the wolf spider.

(Picture: Wolf spider from Western Australia. Credit: Auscape/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Tarantula with unexplained 'horn' discovered in Angola

The 'peculiar' horn is currently unexplained
A research team in Angola has discovered a new species of tarantula, notable for the 'peculiar' horn on its top side.

The spider belongs to a group known as horned baboon spiders, but the horn on the new discovery is significantly longer than has been seen before. It is still unknown what the protrusion is made of or why the tarantula has evolved this way.

Dr John Midgley from the KwaZulu-Natal Museum in South Africa made the discovery.

(Photo: The newly deiscovered Ceratogyrus Attonitifer spider. Credit: Dr Ian Enelbrecht)