1. Who Killed My Grandfather

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    Video caption: BBC journalist Mai Noman investigates the killing of her grandfather in 1974.

    1974, Beirut. It's the height of the Cold War. A Yemeni politician is shot dead in his car. Almost 50 years later, his granddaughter Mai Noman, a BBC journalist, seeks answers.

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    Video caption: Gunfire erupts on Beirut streets after port explosion protest

    Five people are shot dead in gun battles following a protest over the Beirut port blast investigation.

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    Video caption: How the Beirut blast brought strangers together from Ethiopia, Ivory Coast and Lebanon

    The Beirut blast left many missing, including an Ethiopian woman who lived in a destroyed tower block.

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    Video caption: Lebanon blast: ‘Path towards reform irreversible’

    We owe it to our people to tackle issues which led to the blast, the ambassador to the UK says.

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    Video caption: Beirut blast: ‘The day our city exploded’

    One year on from the blast that rocked Beirut, no one has yet been made accountable.

  6. Rebuilding Beirut’s Village in a City

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    Video caption: Can Beirut’s unique Karantina district survive after the blast that rocked the city?

    A year on from the explosion that devastated Beirut, survivors in one close-knit district are trying to rebuild their lives, helped by passionate volunteers, but not the state.

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    Video caption: Lebanon’s descent into darkness

    The country's economic crisis has forced some families to move into refugee camps to survive.

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    Video caption: Water so toxic 'it could burn your eyes'

    Martin Patience gets to the source of Lebanon's water crisis.

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    Video caption: Beirut explosion: The architect rebuilding families' homes for free

    Joe Salloum and his team are bringing hope, and homes, back to people who live in the poorest areas of Beirut.