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    Video caption: How one historian living in Mosul took on the Islamic State group online.

    When the Islamic State group took over Mosul in Iraq in 2014 they flooded the internet with propaganda. One historian living in the city launched a counter-narrative online.

  2. The slow rebuilding of Mosul after downfall of IS

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    Video caption: Shaimaa Khalil looks at the challenges facing Iraq's second city
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    Video caption: War against IS: Have RAF air strikes killed civilians?

    RAF crews have been talking to the BBC's Jonathan Beale about the challenges they face in avoiding civilian casualties in Iraq and Syria.

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    Video caption: Mosul Museum partially reopens in Iraq after IS destruction

    For the first time since the Islamic State group overran the city in 2014, its museum reopens.

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    Video caption: The Berkshire man clearing mines and rebuilding lives in Iraq

    After serving in the British Army, explosives expert Dave Parker joined a UN mine clearance team in Iraq.

  6. Explore the Islamic State group's secret tunnels

    IS tunnel

    The BBC has used the latest photogrammetry technology to re-create the tunnels in digital, 3D form so you can explore them as though you are right there.

  7. Rebuilding of historic mosque destroyed by ISIS

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    Video caption: UAE gives $50 Million to save Mosul landmark

    UAE gives $50 Million to save Mosul landmark