#AmINext protests in South Africa over violence against women
Women in South Africa launch protest against high rates of sexual violence, murder and rape.

South Africa: attacks on immigrants 'an African problem'

Minister of Social Development says challenge is 'beyond South Africa alone'
South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa has condemned a wave of looting and attacks that has mostly targeted foreign nationals.

The violence has caused tension with authorities in Nigeria, who have summoned South Africa's representative to Abuja and even suggested sending their own police to affected areas. 

In Lagos, protesters had to be held back from committing reprisal attacks on South African businesses there.

Speaking to Newsday, South Africa's Minister of Social Development - Lindiwe Zulu - says "we are facing a challenge that is beyond South Africa as a country. This is an African problem".

She says that "the entire continent will have to put their heads together and not just look for quarrels".

(Photo: South African looters try to break into an alleged foreign-owned shops during a riot in Johannesburg. Credit: Getty Images)
Cutting food waste in South Africa
South African supermarkets are reducing food waste by working with a discount offers app.